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Over years I've collected plenty of technical toys. Sometimes, I try to modify them in some way, either the hardware or the software. Theoretically to improve them in some way, mostly until they're f*cked up beyond repair. I love having Linux on most devices so I can add the stuff I need and I don't depend on the manufacturers who stop shipping new firmware far too early. Unfortunately this hobby is far too time consuming so I don't finish up most projects. The only notable thing I've completed to the level where it's worth publishing is an improved firmware for the Actiontec Dual PC Modem. Like this neat little box, many devices get shipped with Linux nowadays, so it's relatively easy to analyze the firmware files and add your own mods. Formerly people tried to replace the native firmware with Linux in some way (JTAG or similar) and I tried, too. Few of them succeeded and even if somebody would have been successful, the hardware was too limited (often 1 MB flash, 4 MB RAM or less) for running a Linux environment anyway.

Here's a list with some of the gadgets I own, just in case you are looking for something to play around with: